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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  • D's Family Kitchen Houston, Texas U.S.A. (map)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is very special to Chef D Allen and her family.  The values that Dr. King stood for and instilled in others are the same beliefs of hers.  The goal is always Family~Food~Friends~Love and giving back to the community!     

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Beliefs:

1. Courage: Dr. King believed that if you had nothing you were willing to die for, you had
nothing you were living for.

2. Non-violence: Even when attacked by police dogs, police clubs, and water hoses, Dr.
King and his followers refused to retaliate with physical violence.

3. Soul force: The power of a person's love and humanity to awaken other people's

4. Justice: Dr. King said he wanted to be remembered as a "drum major for justice." In
spite of his non-violence and soul force, he considered that "an injustice anywhere is an
injustice everywhere" and had to be confronted.

5. Community: Dr. King believed that all people are brothers and sisters. He believed that
oppression of any part of the human family hurt the whole human family. He envisioned a
day when people of all colors, nations, and religions could sit down at the "table of
brotherhood." He called his ideal the "beloved community" and it included every human

6. Love: even the enemy is a "neighbor" who must be loved into doing right--for the
enemy's sake as well as for the sakes of his or her victims.

7. Suffering and sacrifice: those who would stand up for justice must be willing to endure
much for the sake of their cause.

8. Human dignity: all people deserve to be treated with equality and respect simply
because they are human beings.

9. Forgiveness: the victim must forgive the victimizer and make room for repentance and

10. Faith: eventually right will prevail because the universe is founded upon justice. 

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