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Event Terms & Conditions

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Catering & Services

When services are rendered for Customer Event, the following terms will apply and be outlined in the mutually agreed upon Catering Agreement. 


  • Deposit of 25% deposit is due upon signing of catering agreement to schedule [EVENT DATE]. This payment will be applied to the total invoice.  Booking is not complete without deposit payment.


  • Menu - All prices are based on current market of food ingredients.  Prior to booking, prices of menu items may change.  Prices or menu will remain unchanged if a signed and paid catering agreement is in place with D's Family Kitchen, except any changes that are made afterwards.
  • Taxes - In addition to the contract price, Customer will be charged and responsible to pay all applicable state and local taxes. If Customer is tax exempt, Customer must submit the tax exempt certificate to D's Family Kitchen at the time of booking the event.
  • Additional Charges.
    • D's Family Kitchen charges $25 delivery fee for all drop-offs, but may vary based on distance of the Event from the Caterers kitchen.
    • Drop-offs set-up that are non-staffed are free of charge, but charges may vary based on the event set-up.  If equipment rentals are part of the Event and a breakdown is required, a member of our catering team need to return to break down at the designated time.  An additional 20% Event Fee is charged for each Event set-up.  The fee will cover administrative expenses and service vehicles gas.  
    • All equipment and supply rental costs are separate. Scheduling will be arranged by D's Family Kitchen Staff.  Events with Services rendered, D's Family Kitchen will waive the Event Fee.
    • D's Family Kitchen will not discount or reduce prices if the actual number of your guests at the time of the Event is less than the guest count submitted by the deadline outlined in the Catering Agreement.
  • Damage and Liability - D's Family Kitchen maintains general liability insurance for the services we provide. Customer understand that D's Family Kitchen shall not be responsible for the loss of or damage to any items provided, rented or furnished by Customer unless such loss or damage was caused solely by the negligence or misconduct of D's Family Kitchen. 

  • Collections - Any amounts due after the Event are due immediately and shall be overdue after seven (7) days of the Event date will accrue interest at a rate of 1½% per month (unless otherwise agreed in writing by D's Family Kitchen). In the event that D's Family Kitchen takes any action (whether or not litigation is instituted) to collect unpaid amounts due to D's Family Kitchen, Customer agree to pay the reasonable costs of collection (including court costs and attorney’s fees).

Payment Terms:  

  • The final balance is due thirty (30) days prior to the event date.  Any payments will be applied to the total invoice.   After final payment is made all additional charges, i.e., additional equipment, menu items or services will be charged prior to the event with payment due immediately.  Upon payment of the deposit, the final price is fixed and may only change due to a change in number of guests or mutually agreed upon changes in the services and products provided.   Acceptable payments are PayPal, credit/debit cards, cash or cashier’s check/money orders.  No checks are accepted, unless mutually discussed and agreed upon.
    • Inform D’s Family Kitchen of final number of guests within thirty (30) days in advance of event.  If guest count drops more than 10%, pricing and labor must be recalculated.  All changes related to the services listed in the invoice must be made no later than this date.  Charges for the number of guests and services will remain unchanged on the invoice if no alternate final number is received.  After confirmation, the number of guests may not be changed.
  • Responsibility:
    • Customer - D’s Family Kitchen will assist with any additional items during the event.  However, we are not financially responsible for any items provided by customer for the event. (i.e. beverages, flowers, cake, gifts, etc.) . We will only be responsible for those items and services listed on the Catering Agreement as provided by us.  It is understood that the customer will conduct the event in full compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations, and facility contract.  Please note that food safety is important to D’s Family Kitchen.  Please inform us of any known food allergies Customer or guests may have. 
    • Caterer - D's Family Kitchen can manage all of your event needs, including event coordination for all events, staffing, and providing tables, chairs, linens, china and floral arrangements. Rentals and Event Services are charged in addition to catering services.  Caterer’s performance is contingent upon the absence of accidents, severe weather, or any other cause beyond the caterer’s control.  The caterer assumes no responsibility in the event the event the facility is unwilling or unable to have the event take place on the event date.  Caterer, may, at its sole discretion, make reasonable substitutions to menu, equipment, and other services listed on the invoice.


  • D’s Family Kitchen rents equipment for Customer event needs.  Rented equipment must be utilized as intended and returned in its original state to the Caterer. If product is damaged, the rental fee specified in the Catering Agreement will cover costs. Additional cost may be incurred for lost or stolen equipment for recovering costs. Caterer will inform Customer of any/all costs.  Caterer will invoice Customer any additional costs incurred, which should be paid upon receipt.
  • Cancellation: A cancellation of contract will only be accepted in writing via mail or e-mail.  If written cancellation is received thirty (30) days prior to the event, the 25% deposit will be refunded including all payments.  If cancellation is received less than thirty (30) days prior to the event date, client will be responsible for any costs incurred by the caterer by reason of breach thereof, and the 25% deposit payment will be retained, including all payments to determine overall liquidated costs. Unless other arrangements have been made prior between Caterer and Customer.  The final invoice will provide details with total refund amount.


  • Services provided are managed independently.  However, to ease the burden of working with each individual company, D’s Family Kitchen will obtain all information and the service will contact the Customer to discuss specific details for the event. 
  • Event Timeline and Staffing - Each Event is unique and will require a different timeline. Details will be discussed prior to booking to ensure staff and needs are met. Event staffing is based on the guest count and date of event.  D's Family Kitchen staff will discuss service plan for Event prior to booking. Pricing may vary based on event needs.  If your Event exceeds allotted duration, additional hours will be invoiced to Customer at the rate outlined n the catering agreement per Service.
  • D’s Family Kitchen provides a free customized menu(s) for the event and one will be created base on the event colors/theme .  Please provide at booking and any additional details.
  • Tastings are provided for selected food menu items at no cost to the bride and groom.  There will be a costs of $15 per person for additional participants.  Please contact us to schedule a mutually agreed upon date & time.

Thank you for your interest in D's Family Kitchen.  We look forward to providing you and your guests with great service in the near future! Please feel free to contact us to discuss any details.

D’s Family Kitchen
Catering & Services

D's Family Kitchen caters to the Houston area at this time.  We are looking to deliver via mail in the future, except D's Versatile Caramel (shop & select shipping for delivery via mail).  We will post under the News section in Chef D Allen's Blog when this new service is available.  **Minimum of five (5) items with per person orders. Unless otherwise noted and for food allergies/special requests.  Discuss with D's Family Kitchen staff.**

D's Family Kitchen Terms of Use will provide you details on navigating the site.  If  any technical issue arise during your visit, please contact us & provide the details.  We will respond within 24 hours of receiving your request.  Thank you  for your visit & interest in D's Family Kitchen!