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D’s Versatile Caramel Ideas

Chef D Allen's homemade caramel recipe was created by her grandmother Celestine Allen (RIP)! She re-created it to make it long-lasting, multi-purpose and provide a variety of flavors! It’s a family tradition to have caramel cake at every Allen occasion. Here are some ideas that you can share with your family from ours!

  1. Pretzel Sticks - Dip pretzels in caramel for a tasty combination of salty & sweet.

  2. Apple Slices - Dip apples in caramel for a delicious snack.

  3. Homemade Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast - Warm caramel for 10-15 secs. in microwave and drizzle over warm breakfast.

  4. Coffee - Sweetened a cup of coffee w/one (1)- two (2) tablespoons of caramel.

  5. Homemade Brownies - Swirl caramel in brownie batter prior to baking for a twisted treat.

  6. Pork or Turkey Loin - Glaze caramel over loin prior to baking to add extra flavor to meat.

  7. Yogurt - Drizzle caramel over a bowl of plain yogurt or cottage cheese to add a hint of sweetness.

  8. Baked Goods - Drizzle caramel over cookies, cakes, or any dessert to bring extra flavor.

  9. Popcorn - Warm caramel for 10-15 secs. in microwave and drizzle over homemade or microwave popped

  10. Fresh Fruit Trays - Make your own fruit tray with fresh Strawberries, apple slices and pineapples. Add a jar of D’s Versatile Caramel to a bowl and add to the centerpiece of the tray to share with family & friends!

Bon Appétit
Chef D Allen

D's Family Kitchen caters to the Houston area at this time.  We are looking to deliver via mail in the future, except D's Versatile Caramel (shop & select shipping for delivery via mail).  We will post under the News section in Chef D Allen's Blog when this new service is available.  **Minimum of five (5) items with per person orders. Unless otherwise noted and for food allergies/special requests.  Discuss with D's Family Kitchen staff.**

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