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Dessert Bar

Peanut+Butter+Cookies (1).jpg
Peanut+Butter+Cookies (1).jpg

Dessert Bar

from 2.25

A variety of freshly made desserts to make your celebration complete.  Select options to obtain pricing.  Flavor options - Select after adding to the cart.

*Serving sizes are per person for individual options.


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    *Brownie Sampler
    Combination of fudge, turtle & almond joy brownies
    two (2) per person

    Chewy chocolate chip cookie & brownie combination
    two (2) per person

    *Champagne Strawberry Cupcake Trifles
    Flavorful strawberries in a pastry cream w/strawberry & champagne cupcakes surrounded w/Champagne (Adults Only)
    one (1) per person - ADULTS ONLY

    Cookie Sampler
    two (2) per person, select (3) three choices of cookies:

    • Chicago Style Butter
    • Chocolate Chip
    • M&M's Chocolate Chip
    • Macadamia Nut
    • Oatmeal Cranberry or Raisins
    • Reese's Peanut Butter
    • Seasonal options

    Cookie Serving Sizes:

    • Small Tray - 20 people
    • Large Tray - 50 people


    1. Pick options (minimum order 10 guests)
    2. Place order by selecting the Options and Quantity
    3. We deliver to you & guests enjoy!
    4. Delivery charge will apply at checkout

    Chef's Food Allergy Alert:  
    My products are created with the highest quality of ingredients. This cuisine contains dairy (butter, eggs & milk) and nuts (pecans & macadamia) products.  The cuisine that includes alcohol is recommended for 21 years or older. Food Safety is important to us & we are ServSafe Certified, so please inform your D's Family Kitchen contact of all known allergy concerns for you & your guests.  Your safety is our top priority!
    Services include delivery of food in serving dishes.  Chafers, serving utensils, silverware or cutlery are not included in the price.  Equipment is available for an additional costs.  Please Contact Us to obtain a quote or add to order.
    The image on this page may vary from the actual cuisine based on the size & color.  D's Family Kitchen cuisines are served buffet style, unless special requests are made.  Please Contact Us with any questions or additional information

    D's Family Kitchen caters to the Houston area at this time.  We are looking to deliver via mail in the future, except D's Versatile Caramel (shop & select shipping for delivery via mail).  We will post under the News section in Chef D Allen's Blog when this new service is available.  **Minimum of five (5) items with per person orders. Unless otherwise noted and for food allergies/special requests.  Discuss with D's Family Kitchen staff.**

    D's Family Kitchen Terms of Use will provide you details on navigating the site.  If  any technical issue arise during your visit, please contact us & provide the details.  We will respond within 24 hours of receiving your request.  Thank you  for your visit & interest in D's Family Kitchen!