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Build a Pizza
”Be a chef of the day”

How does it work?

Have a passion for delicious pizza and want to be a C.H.E.F. for the Day?  Chef D Allen brings you Build a Pizza with a celebration all in one!   It's the art of creating personalized themed edible food art (pizza & cookies) with fresh ingredients.  The pizza crust is home-made and full of flavor with gluten-free options available.  The pizzas are baked by Build a Pizza staff and served hot and ready at all events!

Everyone will be the C.H.E.F (Creative~Healthy~Exciting~Fun) of the Day.  Servers are on hand to manage all guests needs.  Event planning...no problem, Build a Pizza staff works with you to plan your event.  You can get started with scheduling your celebration by reviewing the packages listed.  The celebration will be filled with pizza, laughter, beautiful decor and exceptional services!  

Thank you for choosing Build a Pizza by D’s Family Kitchen
for your event celebration! 

Chef D Allen

We’re on our journey of building the first location in the Houston, Texas area. We’re looking for support and shares to get the word out! Build a Pizza will be the next big name in family entertainment and bring great things to communities in the Houston area! Please share our journey with your family, friends and colleagues! THANK YOU!

D's Family Kitchen caters to the Houston area at this time.  We are looking to deliver via mail in the future, except D's Versatile Caramel (shop & select shipping for delivery via mail).  We will post under the News section in Chef D Allen's Blog when this new service is available.  **Minimum of five (5) items with per person orders. Unless otherwise noted and for food allergies/special requests.  Discuss with D's Family Kitchen staff.**

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